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Welcome to my Meccano pages.

I have been a life long Meccano enthusiast and I am a member of several Meccano Clubs/Societies and also webmaster of both the North Eastern Meccano Society and the Meccano Society of Scotland.

On this website you can see pictures of many of the models which I have built. Some of these have several detailed pictures.

I am very interested in the history and literature of Meccano and other constructional systems and have been involved with several projects which are detailed below.

Meccano Indexes and Information

I have lots of information for the Meccano enthusiast. There are scans and downloads together with a comprehensive seachable index to several Meccano Magazines, Meccano Ltd engineering drawings which cover most Meccano parts, details of Meccano Ltd. Patents and Designs, Meccano set contents lists and also detailed information and downloads of Meccano Instruction Manuals and Meccano Brochures.


Meccano Ltd. Meccano Magazines

(Last updated 2nd January)

This section includes scans and downloads of all the UK Meccano magazines and most of the French and American Meccano magazines. It includes a comprehensive searchable index to the complete UK magazine and part of the French Magazine. Also included is an index to the Meccano Engineer and the Meccanoman`s Journal. It has been produced by Timothy Edwards with Stephen Jenkins compiling the Advertisers section of the Meccano Magazine.

The index is split into several sections and then further split into individual topics to allow easy access to articles on any subject. In addition it includes a user defined search facility which allows custom searches on either the whole index or parts of it.


- Johnny's Meccano Magazine

(Last updated 17th May)

This section contains Johnny's Meccano Magazine in pdf format. You can either read them on-line or download them to your computer. There is also a searchable index covering all articles in the magazine.


Meccano Manuals 1908 - 1981

(Last updated 5th May)

This is a comprehensive guide and analysis to all English language Meccano Manuals from 1908 to 1981. It is logically split up into the various eras/sections, denoting when their were major changes to the Meccano Outfits and/or Manuals.

The following information is given for the manuals for each era/section:-
1. Overview of the manuals
2. Data on the manuals, including dates, print codes and details of the pagination etc.
3. Details of all changes and variations in the manuals
4. Pictures of the front and rear covers of the manuals
5. List of all the models in the manuals together with pictures of every model
6. Includes manual downloads covering nearly all 1908-81 manuals.
7. Includes details and downloads of Plastic Meccano manuals.
8. Includes details and downloads of Meccano Motor instructions.

9. NEW - 4th July 2019 - Now also includes the other Meccano systems (i.e. Dinky Builder, Aeroplane Constructor, Motor Car Constructor, Elektron, Kemex, Speed Boats, System X etc.).

There is also a comprehensive search facility on all the traditional Meccano manual models


Meccano Ltd. Engineering Drawings

(Last updated 17th July 2019)

This section of my website has scans of Meccano Ltd. engineering drawings covering almost all post-war Meccano Parts. Scans of 373 drawings can be downloaded at 300dpi. These are fascinating and give an insight into the development of Meccano parts.


Meccano Ltd. Patents and Registered Designs

This lists all those patents and designs registered by Meccano Ltd. throughout the world which I have so far managed to discover. This covers all products of Meccano Ltd. Where available, copies of the original patents/designs can be downloaded.


Meccano Set Parts Lists

(Last updated 6th December 2018 to Plastic sets)

Myself and Oscar Felgueiras have produced comprehensive parts lists for most of the Meccano Sets. I have done from 1901-1981 and Oscar has done from 1970 - 2016. I have also produced set parts list for the old style plastic Meccano. These are all available from this site.

There is also an index to all outfits/sets. By clicking on the relevant outfit/set, a listing of all its parts is displayed. There is also the option of displaying this as a PDF for easier printing or saving. Alternatively these part lists are also available as a spreadsheet that can be downloaded.
In addition a search facility is now available for Oscar Felgueiras' set parts lists to enable one to find:-
1. What colours a particular part has been available in.
2. What parts have been available in a certain colour.
3. Which sets has a particular part been included in.
There is also the option of displaying the results as a PDF for easier printing or saving.


Meccano Brochures

(Last updated 15th May)

Meccano Ltd published a wide range of advertising brochures to promote its products. These are fascinating documents for those interested in the history and development of Meccano and Meccano Ltd

This section of my website provides downloads of a large variety of Meccano Ltd's Catalogues, Price Lists, Advertising Leaflets etc.

Also included in this section are the servicing leaflets published by Meccano Ltd in the early 1960s for Hornby and Hornby-Dublo Locomotives and some Meccano Motors.


'Other' Constructional and Allied Systems

(Last updated 5th May)

The Meccano Construction System has spawned an enormous number of competitors over the years. Some made a virtual like for like clone whilst others were of a completely different concept together with all shades in between.

On this part of my website, I have downloads of a variety of manuals and other literature for some of these 'Other' constructional and allied systems. Also included in this section are some of the other systems by Meccano Ltd - Dinky Builder, Aeroplane Constructor, Motor Car Constructor, Elektron, Kemex, Speed Boats, System X etc.

New - 24 January 2020 - I have now added a discussion forum to allow people to discuss any aspect of the 'Other' Constructional Systems.


S.R. Borrill Reproduction Meccano Parts

Mr S.R. Borrill has now stopped producing Reproduction Meccano parts. He thanks all his customers over the past years.

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